student loan refinancings

While Republican candidates have yet to share formal proposals, many acknowledge student loan debt as a key issue. Last year
The continued growth of student loan debt in the United States has reached staggering numbers of more than $1.2 trillion and 40 million borrowers. Those pursuing a medical, dental, MBA or law degree have to deal with a serious price tag that is significantly higher than the national average undergraduate balance of $29,000.
The Senate on Wednesday declined to approve a measure that would have enabled millions of Americans with expensive student
Student groups and other organizations focusing on younger Americans enthusiastically support Warren’s bill, under which
In a January 2012 report to Congress, the Fed said: “Barriers to refinancing blunt the transmission of monetary policy to
“During the crisis, policymakers employed a number of creative tools to revive the student lending market,” Chopra said in
At nearly $1.2 trillion, outstanding student loans are the second-largest source of household debt after home mortgages. But
Debtors with high interest rates on their federal student loans would refinance into cheaper loans under proposed legislation to be unveiled this week, in a move that would lower borrowers’ burdens and potentially hurt private lenders and investors.
The CFPB has noted the dearth of refinancings for student loan borrowers and is working to increase debt refinancings and