student loan refinancings

As the presidential campaigning continues, an issue that is fast-becoming a central component of the election has been the
The continued growth of student loan debt in the United States has reached staggering numbers of more than $1.2 trillion and 40 million borrowers. Those pursuing a medical, dental, MBA or law degree have to deal with a serious price tag that is significantly higher than the national average undergraduate balance of $29,000.
Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), the top Republican on the Senate education committee, said Wednesday it was more important
The financial industry, perhaps not surprisingly, is less enamored with the proposal. The bill would allow borrowers to refinance
The Federal Reserve's efforts to help households with student debt are being stymied, a top regulator said Wednesday, preventing
Brown’s legislation comes amid increasingly dire warnings from regulators and policymakers concerned that outstanding student
Policymakers could take lessons from financial crisis-era programs when devising new schemes meant to help households struggling
Debtors with high interest rates on their federal student loans would refinance into cheaper loans under proposed legislation to be unveiled this week, in a move that would lower borrowers’ burdens and potentially hurt private lenders and investors.
The bill may hurt companies like Sallie Mae, the nation’s largest student loan company, which owns about $119 billion in