student loan servicing

"Members really just pay for the time that they use," says Dacyl Armendariz, car2go's external communications manager. This
Navient Corp., formerly Sallie Mae, encouraged call center workers to rush struggling borrowers off the phone rather than explain debt-relief programs.
No one has been held accountable for a bungled probe into Navient Corp.
The Education Department conducted a "sham" investigation into whether Navient Corp. overcharged active-duty servicemembers, an audit shows.
The debt load of the typical recent college graduate has nearly tripled, while starting wages have remained flat.
Rohit Chopra, formerly the nation’s student loan watchdog, joins an Education Department whose practices he repeatedly challenged.
Investors are fleeing Navient Corp. as traders increasingly bet that the company will default on its debt.
A small change could mean a big improvement for Americans with federal student loans.
Borrowers will be able to sidestep reviled loan contractors such as Navient Corporation.