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Chris Emdin and Ellie Williams join HuffPost Live to explain why American students' biggest problem is their schools.
According to the latest results of a comprehensive set of international exams released Tuesday, America's teens have remained mid-pack among their peers worldwide and utterly stagnant in reading, math and science over the last 10 years.
Some are skeptical of the broader significance of the results. "Do I want Israel's economy, the American economy or Belgium's
Just because a student is a top performer in one subject does not necessarily mean that the student excels in all subjects
Dance recital season is in full swing, and the amount of tulle and glitter floating in the ether is enough to suffocate dancers, teachers and parents alike to the point of frenzy.
Many adult learners enrolling online for the first time may be somewhat apprehensive about online education. After all, their only experience of learning has been in traditional, face-to-face settings. Other adult learners expect it to be fun, fast, and friendly.
As important as the Student Success Scorecard is as an accountability tool, it does not ensure meaningful change because neither rewards nor penalties are attached to using the data or to improving scores.
The data that the OECD collects can help countries map their strengths and weaknesses in education. But what's the best way to capitalize on the strengths and address the weaknesses? Policy makers might find the answer to that question in another country.
A 2007 Department of Education survey found that 43 percent of schools in the U.S. see the condition of their buildings as
Surely, no one would contend that educational results in Shanghai are representative of China as a whole, but the results do show what China can achieve if the conditions are right.
Not asking students for their opinions is a missed opportunity, because no one knows better about how school is going than its target audience -- the students themselves.
Sometimes it would seem audiences are afraid of modern dance because it's not evident what it's about. Let me tell you another secret: that's okay. Take chances. See something weird. Talk about it.
"We definitely are very happy" with the quick results, she said. The hot food carts have not yet been purchased, so the school
But based on his compilation of empirical evidence, Baker draws the following conclusions: In direct tests of the relationship
Since the onset of the recession, class sizes surged -- following a general decline over nearly four decades, according to
The federal No Child Left Behind law seeks proficiency among all American students by 2014, but some states set significantly
Approximately 2,300 teachers had attended meetings held at 200 schools -- which Sainvilus said could give the study credibility
Several dozen elementary schools with scores higher than the state's target for academic success have been placed on a list
"There might be some motivation issues, especially with high achievers," he noted. "If [a test] doesn’t matter, why should
On the 2011 Colorado Student Assessment Program test, administered to students in third through tenth grade, Denver showed