student rights

Published by the University of Chicago Press, Teaching Evolution in a Creation Nation provides a scholarly treatment of a
When I used to flip through my husband's old ethics in psychology textbooks, they mentioned how ethical violations at the
In Bethel v. Fraser (1986), the Court upheld the authority of a school to punish a high school student who gave a sexually
My fourth grade granddaughter recently asked me what I was thinking to write for my next blog post. She has strong opinions and great suggestions, so I turned the question back to her, and she told me that even with an excellent and innovative teacher that she loves, it is hard to stay focused on the work all day.
What we need now is collective action. There are about 55 million K-12 students in this country, and about 20 million in
Charlie Hebdo could be published in the United States. But what if it were distributed in schools or assigned for students to read? Is uncivil speech protected by the First Amendment? This is a question not so easily answered. The short answer is this: In general, yes; but in education, no.
The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) has adopted a new position statement on academic freedom. The statement consists of two introductory paragraphs and five principles.
We must remember that discrimination in any aspect of our lives and against any members of the community affects us all.
With the rise of law enforcement in our schools, the proliferation of zero-tolerance policies, and misuse of exclusionary school discipline, our nation's school discipline policies are fueling the school-to-prison pipeline by pushing children out of school.