Students for a Democratic Society

More than 116 years after Eugene Debs founded the Socialist Party of America, the future of socialism in the US may be reemerging.
Kathryn Hamilton is a performance maker based in New York City and Istanbul. She is the founder and director of the New York-based company Sister Sylvester, and a member of Köşe, an art space in Istanbul.
Throughout his remarkable career, Hayden has been both a prophetic voice and a political strategist, a rare combination. No single figure embodies the spirit of the generation that came of age in the 1960s than Hayden.
In 1965, Carl Oglesby assumed leadership of the student-activist organization SDS. This change reflected what I believe was an ideological shift in America's left wing: from the East Coast intellectual tradition to the New Left emerging from the Midwest.
But instead of relying on statistical and procedural evidence and more to make his case, Calafato wrote a play. Last year
As to his thoughts on what is needed today, Haber is reluctant to share them in advance of the conference. Haber has been
Political paranoia is always driven by what could happen, not, necessarily, what is happening. Can we learn from this destructive history of acrimony and sectarianism or are we doomed to repeat it?
Anti-war activists in Olympia, Wash., have exposed U.S. Army spying and infiltration of their groups, as well as intelligence gathering by the U.S. Air Force, the federal Capitol Police and the Coast Guard.
Reenactment is quite popular in contemporary art today, but in essence, art is simply a reflection of larger social currents operating in our daily lives. Contemporary politics, as well as art, seems to be in the grasp of the past.
More of the march, and of the band.   Funk The War (the D.C. Students for a Democratic Society) led a dance party / march
Here's a tale you won't find in Students for a Democratic Society, A Graphic History, a new book due out soon.
"My own radical journey began with Mad Magazine," he says, "so it feels great that SDS should enter the culture of comic folklore ..."