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Why do schools focus on consent education when students and families aren't educated about Title IX rights and safeguards? Because by touting consent education, schools can appear proactive and deflect attention from their own failure to become Title IX compliant.
Let's hope the New York State Senate gets the message and protects one of our most vulnerable groups and the future of this great nation -- the children!
Lawyers for a transgender girl Nicole Maines and an elementary school that required the fifth-grader to use a staff bathroom instead of the girls restroom clashed before Maine's highest court Wednesday over whether her rights were violated. Curtis Wong joins Ahmed to discuss.
HuffPost College Assistant Editor Tyler Kingkade joins us to discuss Oberlin College's 'Day of Solidarity' following a month of hate speech and vandalism on campus.
Yup. Her Texas school said that if you're a cheerleader, you leave your free speech rights at the door, and the court system
Some people say that they don't want education to become political. But with the election around the corner, it is hard to avoid the reality that local and state politicians have the power to lead our communities in many directions.
I have heard just about enough from the Tea Party, the Tea Baggers, the maroons, whatever you want to call them. What country do we live in and worse, what year is this?