EPR Properties CEO David Brain, whose real estate trust invests in for-profit charters, predicted on CNBC's "Mad Money" that
Having worked closely with Michelle for years during her time at TNTP, I know she was never afraid to be a lightning rod
Former Washington, D.C., schools chancellor Michelle Rhee has told people close to her that she is preparing to step down as CEO of StudentsFirst, the advocacy organization she created after leaving her chancellor post, according to three sources close to the organization.
As Washington's schools chief, Rhee's rhetoric about firing bad teachers angered many. But she also rose to national prominence
You would think "Let's pay teachers more" would be a fairly straightforward proposal. We could raise state taxes or even use some of that free federal money that DC makes appear out of nowhere.
The group evaluated states on three policy areas: how well states "attract, retain and recognize quality teachers," how well
In her post, Ravitch clearly notes that there is no relationship between high NAEP scores and prevalent influence of corporate
When it launched, StudentsFirst billed itself as a single-issue group in the tradition of the NRA, rolling out a lengthy
As someone who has spent much of my life teaching, or writing about education issues, I thought, why not? It wasn't one of those polls where they were surreptitiously trying to sell me a product--or were they?
The vulture reformers -- who have proven adept at raising corporate money and implementing market-based reform through complete mayoral control -- have forgotten that teaching boils down to the interpersonal.