“It’s a real power play,” said Billy Easton, executive director at the Alliance for Quality Education, a nonprofit promoting
Since then, there’s been a rush to write Michelle’s education reform epitaph. While some observers have been admirably nuanced
Former Washington, D.C., schools chancellor Michelle Rhee has told people close to her that she is preparing to step down as CEO of StudentsFirst, the advocacy organization she created after leaving her chancellor post, according to three sources close to the organization.
PREVIOUSLY: Former Washington, D.C., schools chancellor Michelle Rhee has told people close to her that she is preparing
You would think "Let's pay teachers more" would be a fairly straightforward proposal. We could raise state taxes or even use some of that free federal money that DC makes appear out of nowhere.
"This is a different kind of report card. This is not a reflection of the states' individual schools, nor is it a rating
Charter evaluations frequently note that as compared to neighboring public schools, charters enroll smaller proportions of
The group initially resisted stepping into the fray on the broader issues that affect students' and teachers' lives, saying
As someone who has spent much of my life teaching, or writing about education issues, I thought, why not? It wasn't one of those polls where they were surreptitiously trying to sell me a product--or were they?
The vulture reformers -- who have proven adept at raising corporate money and implementing market-based reform through complete mayoral control -- have forgotten that teaching boils down to the interpersonal.
If the Waltons really wanted to make positive change in children's educations and lives, they would steer far clear of Michelle Rhee and her troublesome track record.
In his view, it isn't an anti-gay bill but a "mental health bill" that says that school officials must "notify parents or legal guardians in the manner specified by law for such a medical referral" if a child is, among other things, suspected of being LGBTQ.
While Michelle Rhee had an impact on education reform and helped to bring it to public attention, at this time the controversies surrounding her clearly indicate she is not the right person to be a leader.
A foundation associated with the Wal-Mart family fortune has expanded its support for the education advocacy group run by
It's some excuse making rolled up with some happy PR talk: "We love gay and transgender kids!" But there's no concrete promise of making any changes to their criteria for honoree selection or their fundraising efforts or really any action at all, promised or delivered.
I guess it's enough that the only kids John Ragan supposedly stands up for are the heterosexual kids. The latest version would have forced select Tennessee school officials to notify parents of children who privately discussed their sexual orientation, essentially dictating forced "outing" of kids.
Michelle Rhee Sets Up Shop In SC StudentsFirst, the former D.C. chancellor's national lobbying group, is branching out into South Carolina, reports the Post and Courier. The paper notes that SC received a "D" grade on SF's recent policy report card -- not exactly stellar. On the group's SC agenda: turnarounds, teacher evaluations, charter school accountability, and the parent trigger.
Is Michelle Rhee doing it wrong? Over at, Mark Funkhouser writes about "education and the inputs-outcomes trap." Taking a look at Rhee's StudentsFirst state policy report card, he argues that Rhee's approach here is backwards: "You don't start by deciding which policies are best; you start with outcomes and work your way back to see which policies are connected to good results." That is, Rhee is looking at rankings the wrong way since she's looking at policies instead of school performance.
Apparently, the special interests to whom StudentsFirst is beholden do not consider poverty to be a factor in determining the effectiveness of a child's education.
California received an F, and the state's chief deputy superintendent told The New York Times that he saw the rating as a