New research shows a severe and lasting impact of President Donald Trump's Muslim travel ban.
Like masks, paid sick leave is an important tool in reducing transmission, researchers confirm. A federal law providing it is set to expire, though.
Nevertheless, the long-term study found little to support conservative claims that colleges brainwash students into becoming liberals.
Toxic chemical fumes may be the cause of the mysterious lung illnesses linked to vaping.
Burger-eating birds had "better body conditions" than crows in rural areas, researchers said, but the long-term effects of a fast-food diet are unknown.
A new study has found there’s a limit to the number of minutes you should spend on social media, which can make you feel less lonely and depressed.
In brief, the study - conducted across nearly 500 elementary, middle, and high schools - showed that NFL PLAY 60 programming
Think about the times you considered calling in sick even though you weren't because you were too tired or stressed. Flexible
Make a Schedule Make a schedule, stay with the schedule! Try to finish ahead of the schedule! Use the "salami technique". A