study drugs

Adderall can cause serious side effects, including high blood pressure and stroke.
December could be when students try study drugs and painkillers.
"To the extent that some high school and college students have reported feigning ADHD symptoms to obtain stimulant medication
The prominence of study drugs has boomed, a phenomenon where the "druggies" are not slackers or social outcasts but the academic elite, the goody-two-shoes classmates.
"If you're using Adderall for any reason other than for attention deficit disorder, you're basically using speed," Dr. Samuel
The new finding highlights the growing issue of stimulant drug abuse, or when teens take stimulant medication (or "study
What's a collegiette to do when it's midnight and she hasn't even started studying for that 8 a.m. exam yet? Several college students across the country have found a risky solution: study drugs. Used without a prescription, however, these drugs can be dangerous -- not to mention illegal.
This week, The Miami Hurricane, the school newspaper for the University of Miami, caused a stir on campus when they published not one, but two articles basically encouraging students to use the illegal and over prescribed ADHD drug Adderall to get through tough academic times.
Is it sometimes good for kids to feel a bit overwhelmed -- like they have too much to do? Or would you say it’s mostly always
I have seen the fiercest of debaters pop a pill before a round to "get in the zone." I have seen a D student down a pill with a quick swig of water before a Spanish quiz. I, myself, have been offered the pill multiple times during finals week.
The May suicide of Vanderbilt student Kyle Craig shocked his friends and family. Described by his father as "focused, happy
As an animal that evolved in grasslands, forests, and rural jungles, it is fascinating (and perhaps unsurprising) to learn that human beings might not yet have the mental dexterity to cope with the concrete streets.