stuffed animals

"George is my deep dark secret, and I’m sharing our story now in the time of COVID-19 because many of us are quietly struggling."
The plush toy cushioned the 2-year-old's plunge from an open window.
Little Shayne was left with no one to teach him how to live in the wild.
It is well known that pets can often reach people with Alzheimer's on a level we cannot. I experienced this first hand with my beloved Romanian soul mate when he had dementia.
Stuffed animals and baby dolls can be therapeutic for people who have Alzheimer's, as shown by both anecdotal evidence and research studies. However, some people say this is demeaning and beneath the dignity of the person.
He was only two weeks old when a family found him in their garden in North West London.  
Staff pulls a rabbit out of a hat to unite a little girl with her BFF.