stuffing recipes

Stuffing and where you cook it is one of the most potentially contentious topics within family Thanksgiving traditions.
My stuffing recipe, a variation of my Grandma's classic, has the perfect texture -- mushy on the inside and crunchy on the top -- and each bite has all the flavors of Thanksgiving.
Does it go in the bird or stay outside? Is it called stuffing or dressing?
There are 2 things my holiday guests always talk about, one being my Holiday Stuffing and the other myCitrus Cranberry sauce. I promised to share the recipes for both and do it here.
It's not Thanksgiving without a Martha Stewart recipe or technique, so we asked Martha Stewart's Everyday Food to share their
I know you've been on tenterhooks waiting for the winners of the contest with the longest name of any contest -- and here they are.
My dad's sister, Aunt Lovey, was a wonderful cook. The entire extended family loved her stuffing. I didn't have the heart to turn down her offer of giving me her recipe, which she literally parted with as an early inheritance.
The Postmistress of our small town called at 5:30 in the morning to tell us our chirping box had arrived, which she immediately
Here's the recipe--I dare you to beat it! Salt and pepper to taste (extra pepper is good) Directions: 1: Put all the ingredients
Everyone sat down at the table. Within 20 minutes, the new stuffing was gone. I mean gone, baby. Gone. I can only put it