Stupid Criminals

Per the Democrat & Chronicle, the three have been booked into the Livingston County Jail. Most of the stolen property has
I was a police canine handler for 8 years. My dog Bach was as gentle as a puppy unless he was provoked or he detected a threat against me. I had absolutely no problem bringing him into preschools and letting the children pet him and play with him. He was a part of our family, and with 4 sons, the house was always full of kids.
5. Who announced plans to resign following investigations into the use of taxpayer funds? a. Supreme Court Associate Justice
There's more to this week than preparing for a big football game, as our latest Week to Week news quiz shows. Want the live
Nobody likes a neighbor who doesn't pick up after their dog. In addition to terroristic threatening, Steen was also charged
Imagine if Walter White of "Breaking Bad" had driven around wearing a hat that read, "Meth." Now, instead of a routine traffic
"It's much funnier on the video, but the still shots show him pulling on the door." Joe Lin, owner of The Shambles, the perp's
Two armed robbers in California were left stranded earlier this year when a Burger King employee hid their getaway car. Local
The two men are due in court Aug. 19. The men were charged with one count of attempted aggravated robbery each. Garcia-Hernandez
We have all heard of corruption in Illinois, but this list is just a smack in the face to a state that already has very low
“This fool really called 911?” one said, according to ABC. “Damn.” But the suspects' plan hit a snag when one butt-dialed
Updated story Shoppers at the mall recounted a scene of fear and confusion after seeing police enter the mall, while the
You can sell damn near anything online these days... or at least you can try. According to police, Misty VanHorn of Sallisaw, Okla. tried (unsuccessfully) to sell her kids on Facebook.
In May, two men robbed an Internet cafe, but one of them made the mistake of logging into Facebook and forgetting to log
"When you come across something like that, it shakes you up," a delivery man told WXYZ. He arrived just as the masked robbers
But police took the incident in stride and said they believe Hagger's post will only make him easier to catch. "If Mr Hagger