Stupid Products

Everybody's been there. You're standing around the water cooler talking with your coworkers, talking with friends over drinks, or maybe just taking a shower. Then it hits you -- a brilliant business idea! But does it make sense?
The line forms to the left, Apple minions.
Those fireworks symbolize you orgasming powerfully!
Soranus' Gynecology sounds like a it might be a tough read. In their latest edition of "Do Not Read" on Monday, Jimmy Fallon
Drinking in public has never been so sweet. Imagine looking like a loving mother or father as you kiss the top of your baby's
When a real-life food allergy becomes a trendy dietary fad, you just know some people are going to take it too far. One upside
Spending too much money on something that shouldn't cost that much money. That's love.
As this video from WTFark demonstrates, the sellers of the product go to outrageous lengths to convince potential customers
For some people, a simple pool float or Slip'N Slide just isn't going to cut it. If you're looking to drop some serious cash
Just in time for people to start politicizing the holidays, this catch-all ornament spotted at Target is the perfect item
The person who stocked these shelves might actually benefit from going back to school. Here's hoping that kids are hitting
What are you laughing at, lady? No seriously, are you OK? What is happening? This 1977 commercial for Tickle antiperspirant
Sure, it may defeat the purpose of a truly hands-free set, but imagine the entertaining looks you'd receive from cars stopped
It's summertime and everyone's looking for new ways to beat the heat. Forget those horribly inconvenient window AC units
Have you always wished your boyfriend would go on birth control? Have you ever wished your girlfriend didn't have to take
Your search for the perfect Father's Day gift stops here. If your dad doesn't like at least one of these gifts, he's not
When will this hopeless charade come to an end??? Via Tastefully Offensive