Stuyvesant High School

Just 4 percent of the accepted students are black, despite most of the city’s public school students being black or Hispanic.
The city gave students a safe place to discuss issues of gender and sexuality.
It's every parent's worst nightmare.
Inside the borough's latest move to honor two key figures who fought to uphold the institution of slavery.
A recent, comprehensive article in the New York Times titled, “The Broken Promises of Choice in New York City Schools,” was
Meet Mike Zamansky, Don of the most successful computer science program in America, "The godfather of computer science education" according to iconic venture capitalist Fred Wilson.
Not all schools are equal. Not all neighborhoods have the same resources. Not all families are actively involved in their children's educations. Not every parent body is engaged in their schools. Not every district has functioning PA/PTAs to fundraise and supplement.
My versatility does not end with my iPod -- it trickles into my academic life from history to math. I am drawn to Cornell's College of Arts and Science for the opportunity to explore my diverse academic interests.
There are currently a myriad of issues with NYC's high school system. The SHSAT shouldn't be blamed for them, nor exorcised with the intention that its disappearance would solve serious problems that still need to be addressed.