Styling processes of Fangdi Li (left), Nhu Dao (center) and Karina Widjaja (right). GANT "Oxford Fitted Shirt" styled by
This article first appeared on Contrary to popular belief, not all introverts are homebodies. I myself love
The right products will also help extend your style. "I sometimes use Aussie Sprunch Mousse on my hair to create nice texture
Pom pom barrette, Forever 21 Knit headband, Missoni, at 3. Knit Headbands: The knit headband kicks the classic ladylike
You don't have to go with a classic initial to make an individualized decor move. Your favorite state, be it the one you
Beyoncé can be barely clothed, and will still communicate a high level of sophistication. One man holds the secret to her fierce style: Fashion Director and Stylist Ty Hunter.
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As we lead up to the Oscars 2016 -- the biggest awards show in the Hollywood calendar -- we take a look at a few red carpet looks that argue the case of the stylist.
Getting dressed is much easier with some pre-canned outfits you can grab and go with easily. You don't have to necessarily try everything on, or do a lot of work -- just think out how and what you can wear items with and make a mental note.
1. Start With Need. A great living environment begins with your unique needs, taste and budget. Those crisp white couches