The big box retailer blamed the unappetizing incident on a "misunderstanding."
“Let’s do prank calls.” I was feeling rather bored at a seventh grade sleepover birthday party, and I realized I would have
"This stuff is an environmental and public health pollutant, and we have to reduce its use.”
A state bill, however, prevented lawmakers from passing more comprehensive legislation.
Has the Chik-fil-A "We make Benches out of our Styrofoam cups" ad appeared on your social media yet? When it hit mine, I had to respond to Chik-Fil-A publicly so they don't get away with this misleading polystyrene propaganda.
Metallic microlattice is the lightest material known to science. It’s 99.9% air by volume and 100 times lighter than Styrofoam
The public's increased awareness of the environmental impact of material disposal has led to support for measures such as New York's styrofoam ban. It has also led to a certain amount of moralizing and anti-consumption ideology that, in my view, is less useful.
Love, hate, pleasure, fascination. These are the shared conceptual territories explored in the stylistically disparate practices of painter Sandra Low and painter/sculptor Jaime Scholnick -- showing together for the first time at the Rio Hondo College Art Gallery in Cultural Gumbo.
"Wood frame construction's been around for hundreds of years. The time has come to build with a product that's not going
Democrats have griped about the reversal ever since. But this summer, their campaign gained steam when the District of Columbia