At just $16 per bottle, this warm-weather delight is likely to go fast.
The flocking of the Victorians to the Swiss Alps was not about growing crops, grazing animals, or extracting minerals. It was about observing, feeling, and articulating a personal response.
Nanda Devi is known as the "bliss-giving goddess," though the Sanskrit word "ananda," at the root of her name, is better understood as "contentment." Being an atheist, I seek the mountain more than the goddess, though the two are inseparable. Despite my disbelief, I have always appreciated the spiritual resonance of the Himalayas.
DaLuz tries to ease the rift between post modern concepts and classical technique into one current of human endeavor, a desire to express that which is just beyond our grasp.
The artists in Salon No.7 are contemporary versions of the Romantic painters, grappling with a contemporary vision of the sublime in new and compelling ways.
It's back to vinyl. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have that format resuscitated for another ten minutes since it prematurely fell victim to the cassette and CD in the '80s.