The former president allegedly spoke about the vessels during an event at his Mar-a-Lago club after he left the White House.
Five people died last month when a submersible imploded underwater during a trip to see the Titanic wreckage.
Talk to someone who went on previous trips on the Titan submersible and they’re likely to mention a technology glitch.
The French leader is still sore over a scuttled submarine deal — and he let the Australian prime minister know it at the G-20 summit.
The cause of the sinking remains a mystery.
In a heart-pounding video, a U.S. Coast Guard service member busted a speeding semi-submersible boat carrying cocaine.
A service member jumped onto the speeding, semi-submerged vessel in the heart-pounding clip.
Expert caver Vern Unsworth dismissed Musk's submarine as "just a PR stunt."
News comes a day after Trump agrees to drop sanctions against Chinese telecom giant ZTE.
Peter Madsen plotted to either suffocate her or slit her throat.