In a heart-pounding video, a U.S. Coast Guard service member busted a speeding semi-submersible boat carrying cocaine.
A service member jumped onto the speeding, semi-submerged vessel in the heart-pounding clip.
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Expert caver Vern Unsworth dismissed Musk's submarine as "just a PR stunt."
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News comes a day after Trump agrees to drop sanctions against Chinese telecom giant ZTE.
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Peter Madsen plotted to either suffocate her or slit her throat.
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An abnormal sound "consistent with an explosion" was detected near where the vessel disappeared last week, said the Argentine navy.
Authorities suspect foul play in the disappearance of Kim Wall.
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Emmanuel Macron got lowered from a helicopter onto a nuclear submarine.
Dozens of people died when the SS Andrea Doria sank, and now it's known as the "Mount Everest of shipwrecks."
Bound for Cairo in Egypt to the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, EgyptAir's Flight MS804 lost contact with the aviation authorities on 11 pm this Wednesday, 10 miles into Egyptian airspace. It disappeared from the radar at a height of 37,000 feet, and with nothing but speculation to guide their search, the authorities began a gruesome expedition to track the fate of the missing airplane.
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Concern has been growing that North Korea could soon conduct another nuclear test.
So what's our next president to do to meet the challenge of China's growing "carrier killer" arsenal of missiles, mines, cruise missile-equipped catamarans, and ultra-quiet diesel-electric submarines?
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Non-fiction is not the AFMs main focus by a long shot but these films do find international buyers at the Market who know they attract audiences looking for something different.