John Cox was the target of flung papers related to unpaid debts from his 2018 campaign for governor.
According to reports, ex-President Donald Trump’s Justice Department seized information on two key House Democrats.
Trump is the only modern president who has refused to release his tax returns. Before he was elected, he had promised to do so.
The president's longtime bank reportedly provided detailed records to the Manhattan district attorney, who is probing Trump's business practices.
Stephen Akard stepped down just two days after Democrats issued subpoenas for several of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s top aides.
President Donald Trump lost twice in court. But the subpoenaed records that are part of the cases are almost certain to remain hidden from the public until after the election.
The court finally ruled on a case about the president's financial records on the final day of the term.
Romney has the power to block an upcoming subpoena in the Senate investigation of the former vice president's son.
The Democratic candidate first said he wouldn't testify in Trump's impeachment trial because it would be based on “specious grounds.”
The president's legal team has until next month to formally request a hearing on the case over his financial records.