Paxton said the "suspicious and erratic" process server is lucky he didn't get hurt.
The effort is a dramatic uptick in the agency’s investigation, separate from the probe into classified documents kept at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate.
He claims panel lacks appointees of Rep. McCarthy, who refused to cooperate after 2 of his picks who aimed to overturn Americans' vote were rejected.
Documents the FBI sought with a search warrant were "sensitive in nature, and related to national security," sources told The New York Times.
The “idea that he’d be allowed to skate, wouldn’t have to face any accountability for spurning a subpoena, it defies reason,” but he believed it, said Joshua Green.
McCarthy's attorney argues in letter that the committee cannot issue subpoenas to the lawmakers under House rules.
Two of Donald Trump’s children along with their father have been subpoenaed in a civil probe by New York Attorney General Letitia James.
Trump's newest claim doesn't look good in light of his past comments.
Trump and others "engaged in a concerted effort to ... direct rally participants to storm the Capitol, enter the grounds, ‘fight like hell,’" argues the Jan. 6 case brief.
The committee also sent demand letters to two former Trump campaign advisers who allegedly helped plan the rally.