subprime loans

Bankers find the head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency "refreshing."
I've been studying the world of subprime in recent years, and these are some of the lessons from my current and past research
The economic recovery has not benefited Americans equally. We all know that. But few facts underscore that point more clearly than the startling number of consumers whose financial futures have been put on hold by subprime credit scores.
The rusting 1994 Oldsmobile sitting in a driveway just outside St. Louis was an unlikely cash machine. Read more on The New
In good times and bad, home ownership remained a safe bet even when the contours of life changed. Then everything went to hell.
"I was very struck by the frankly schizophrenic approach that the majority seems to be making on subprime loans -- loans
Although her prose is at times a bit clumsy, Taub demolishes the claims, still circulating in some quarters, that the Great
To get a sense of the growth, one need only look at the volume of non-government-backed loans that are being pooled into
The case of Kareem Serageldin will now be sent to Home Secretary Theresa May, the interior minister, who under British law
The new mortgage lender score combines a traditional FICO score with a supplemental score called CoreScore, a credit formula
If a dealer sets up financing for a customer, that dealer is allowed to add in a percentage markup that gets paid directly
Finance and the Good Society is a timely and on the whole persuasive reminder that the institutions of capitalism have the capacity to spread democracy, prosperity and greater equality.
Did the House conduct any meaningful hearings before it voted on this issue? No. Did Congress inquire about the long-term
These are not necessarily bad things for the bank. It earned the title of biggest mortgage servicer with its 2008 takeover
Banks have also been accused of pressuring clients with poor credit scores into taking on expensive home loans that they
And now that Fannie and Freddie are wards of the state, couldn't they at least help to clean up the mess they did so much
The SEC abandoned hopes of assessing a fine because of the precarious financial positions of the two companies, the newspaper
How can we give the banks scads of money one day to remedy their wrongdoing, and then sue them the next for the same wrongdoing?