substance abuse

"Opiate withdrawal makes any kind of sensation too much -- too bright, too loud, too scratchy."
In America's gambling capital desperate people are seeking refuge in the network of tunnels running under the city. is supposed to be a resource for people seeking treatment for addiction. It leaves out some key facts.
Our school is the last hope in this city for teenagers who want to get a diploma and find their way out of poverty and abuse.
"Judeo-Christian moral standards are like God’s instruction manual for ... the best operation for human society," said the attorney general.
Undermining Medicaid would gut substance abuse programs and leave clinics struggling for funds.
An invisible crisis is plaguing the Asian American community. Experts say it’s leading to long-term generational trauma.
The "Rocketman" looked back on his recovery journey in an emotional Instagram post.
When your adult child is a recovering addict, that sense of dread stays front and center — and I’m not sure it ever really goes away.
I spent most of my 30s in a state prison. I still think every day about what I did.