substance use disorder

Like any other chronic illness, addiction is a disease of remission and relapse.
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Alcohol and drug abuse among older adults is one of the fastest growing health problems facing the country.
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Self-organized groups of opioid users are working together to stay alive and fight the stigma of drug use -- even if they’re not trying to quit.
Until we directly address the causes of the drug epidemic, we won’t be able to stop it.
Recovery pride and recovery advocacy are powerful social change movements. I should know, because take part in them. My activism
How are we to understand the true impediments of substance use recovery if we don’t include the ones who hold the experiential knowledge?
The rapper's new album, Gemini, is released today, calls for social progress, justice.
In July of 2017, the FDA announced that America’s opioid addiction was their biggest crisis on hand. An alarming jump in
Pot is different from growing, distributing and selling potatoes, beef, salmon or cars, common commodities with of course
Recovery activists offer hope and a plan to end the drug epidemic. It’s time for the White House to come to the table.
Unless we demolish the racist systems that continue to hold back black Americans, we cannot end the drug epidemic in America.
Most drivers aren’t prepared for this situation, but they’re in a unique position to save a life.