substitute teachers

Some would say if you don't like it, get another job. While true, if teacher quality is as important as everyone says it is -- one way to improve teacher quality is to make the job more attractive -- not less competitive.
At 8 A. M. I was called by the sub teacher computer and asked if I would like an assignment that was for Tuesday at 7:30 A.M. Thinking it was Monday, I gladly accepted the job despite there being no instructions from the teacher.
The report also found evidence of racial disparities. When holding constant grade level and type of school, a school with
I was in the classes where students took pride in declaring all out war on subs, yet I stayed and worked past all of their efforts to get me to quit and always delivered my famous line "don't let this white hair fool you!"
We need to reward the "thankless job" of substitute teaching with better pay and chances for permanent positions. I look forward to the day when no student comes home saying, "I didn't learn much today... we had a sub."
The teacher has not been publicly identified and it is not clear why the boy was instructed to duct tape his wrists together
Yes, the substitute teachers are to blame for their own actions. But who is legally and morally responsible for putting them in charge of the children in the first place? The principal? The superintendent? The school board?
Despite these concerns, Roland Brosius, Evergreen Public School's personnel director, says the teacher did not do anything
A substitute teacher in Santa Fe has been fired after she was reportedly found passed out drunk while on the job. "Our employees
There's a profile of the type of teacher most likely to be absent on any day. Meet profiler Raegen Miller, associate director for education research at the Center for American Progress.
Following the economic downturn that began in 2007, USA Today wrote that school districts nationwide were flooded with applications from people who wanted to work as substitute teachers.