Where (oh where) are the cutesy names for the key demographic group in this election cycle?
More questions:​ Writers and Authors: What should writers do if they want to write better books? Productivity: What kinds
There was some rather important economic news yesterday, which could be summed up as "things are getting better."
I abhor racism but I seem to masterfully straddle the thin white line between talking the talk and actually walking the walk.
For a part of the country that has built its reputation and appeal on quality of life and on a healthy work-life balance
We must stop living in fear of each other, retreating to predominately White suburbs for safety. We all say we want "better" for our kids, but subjecting them to an environment where no one looks like them hardly constitutes better.
These images document the misery that pervades the Italian capital's suburbs.
Since graduating college, I have been commuting from home into NYC by train. My hop, skip and jump across campus to class is no more. The 8:01am to Penn waits for no one. Neither does the 6:20 home.
There's no place like home. Especially when you're a suburban kid. 🏡
Ultimately, the answers to sorting out these conflicts must be situational, matching the right densities and the right mix
Suburbia can be an enjoyable place to raise a family with safe neighborhoods and idyllic tree-lined streets. And just like family, you can't choose your neighbors. There are five types of families you may run into as you navigate the suburban jungle.
The nation's smallest state will vote tomorrow night. Not a whole lot of polling exists here, but it's pretty clear on the Republican side. Donald Trump will sail to victory here, with a huge margin. John Kasich looks to take second, with Cruz far behind.
I don't have an epic saga about how I met my husband on Facebook, or about how I was finally reunited with my long-lost twin. My story is much more subtle. But the impact it's had on my life is not.
In Ray Bradbury's story "The Veldt" (1950), a parent who's growing concerned about what his children have created in a simulated
In many ways, residents of these neighborhoods still feel like social outcasts.