subway art

Rae Swon, the artist behind the viral costume, discusses how she brought one of Hieronymus Bosch's most haunting creatures to life.
John Nation's “Aerosol Art" initiative in Bristol, England, gave rise to a number of defining artists -- but also almost cost him his freedom.
If you're the kind of person who would drop into a pop-up shop or local gallery because something catches your eye, keep reading.
Follow us on TWITTER @bkstreetart "In some ways," Young continues, "the MTA may not even have noticed the irony of covering
Back in the day, when I first began appropriating billboards, there was no internet, no meaningful way for artists across the globe to connect, and no dominant aesthetic beyond the scrawled tags on trains in faraway New York City.
It's not all litter and rats. Sometimes, the underground is beautiful.
h/t the Laughing Squid blog On their website, "Stickers on the Central Line" states their mission as such: It's the work
Back in 2011, we saw artist Thomas McKeans create exciting mosaics with used MetroCards. But, New York-based designer Nina
Shin will be using archival photos from the New-York Historical Society and Transit Museum, in a work playing with the 1942