Quand on parle de succès, de motivation, de volonté, d'objectifs et de productivité - bref, tous ces petits mots à la mode -, il y a une chose que l'on ne mentionne que rarement: on est ce que l'on est, jusqu'à ce que l'on devienne quelqu'un d'autre. Pour changer, il faut en avoir envie.
Ask the right questions and you'll be considered a brainiac.
Playing your role is not a limitation to your success. In fact, playing your role can allow you an opportunity to see things from a different perspective than you had envisioned.
I passionately believe that our health and well-being are the foundation in which everything that is important and meaningful in our lives must be built upon. In this complicated world in which we live, if we want to thrive, not merely survive, we must elevate self-care to the highest priority of our days.
It's never been a more important time to believe in your dreams. Stand up for what matters to you most, speak up and be heard. Your dreams matter and will impact the lives of many others, most importantly your own life and destiny.