successful marriage

We live in a time when everyone wants to be the next big thing, but no one wants to work for it. You've got to get off your
We frequently fight, we often argue, laughter comes easy, and in the end we agree on where we are going, it's just how we get there that sometimes causes a problem. We've never had a plan, and despite working our asses off all these years, money's scarce. We fly by the seat of our pants.
It's all about listening and leaving time for each other.
Though it seems completely counterintuitive, regularly questioning my marriage actually keeps me even more committed to it.
Failure can be awfully lonely. But don't assume that victory will solve your problems.
 Your wedding day may be a blast or the most beautiful event you'll ever throw, but when the party is over, you've still
1. I understand the position I hold in my family, and the power given and not given to that position. Hearing the word relationship
Your wedding may be the best night of your life, but when the party is over, creating a partnership is hard work. "Merging
7. Laughter is a magical, secret weapon. "15 years of happy marriage here. I have found that laughter helps your relationship
Unless you plan to move into the dorm with them, it's going to help if you anticipate letting go. You can start when they are young. It just takes practice!
In America today, the average age of women embarking on their first marriage is 26 to 27, "old maid" territory just decades ago. That makes it all the more fascinating to reflect on women throughout history who defied the expectations of their times and cultures by not making it legal until their 30s or older.
Never Stop Growing "I learned that a long-term relationship isn't about making you happy. It's about personal growth. To
The couple met when they were in 5th grade. Harold used to bring Edna candy bars from his parents' store -- specifically
When you feel torn between your own need to recharge with time alone and your desire to be with your beloved, no one wins
Written by Sasha Brown-Worsham on CaféMom’s blog, The Stir. A big fight: Personally, I hate/love our big fights. Over the
I'll let you in on a secret: People without any dreams or aspirations usually aren't as interesting as those with a sense of purpose.