sudan war

Up to 250 people may have died from exposure to chemical weapons, Amnesty International says.
“They don’t deserve this, what have they done wrong?"
Fighting between the Sudanese government and the SPLA-N in Blue Nile and South Kordofan has been fierce since June 2011, when
The ceasefire is expected to be implemented within 24 hours of the signing, but there were doubts from diplomats that the
"If we could teach the locals how to do it themselves, the project could live long after we left," Ebeling said in the "Project
The conflict may seem a sideshow to the better-known fighting in the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan state or in Darfur, but civilians in Blue Nile are suffering similar and related brutality.
Lopez Lomong, was born Lopepe Lomong and was raised in a small village of South Sudan. When he was six, he was abducted by paramilitary forces who aimed at turning boys into soldiers. Lopez is one of Sudan's "Lost Boys" and his story is a symbol of leadership, resilience and human achievement.
If we continue to stand now for peace in South Sudan, then their first chapter as a nation could read of new schools and children living past their 5th birthdays, instead of burned marketplaces and displaced refugees.