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Impeccable performer Jane Lynch is bringing her shtick across 14 U.S. city tour dates during her new summer cabaret show See Jane Sing. Planned stops include Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, and Nashville.
As the final season of "Glee" approaches, Jane Lynch joined HuffPost Live to reflect on the impact the show has had on both
Jane Lynch joins HuffPost Live to discuss what it was like to be gay while growing up.
Jane Lynch joins HuffPost Live to explain why she wishes that she had a show like "Glee" growing up.
Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning) from Orange Is The New Black is a product of where she comes from and her upbringing. She is
One thing that we've found that helps pass the time until you're allowed to leave? Casting our favorite TV characters in the most outlandish roles and seeing what happens.
“[On the show] I have been fired. I haven’t been written back in yet. I am in the show, but [my character] is teaching aerobics
In the end, burgeoning couple Aylin and Charlie found themselves in the bottom three, alongside Nellie. Both Nellie and Charlie
That may be something Sue Sylvester, Jane Lynch's acid-tongued cheerleading coach on Fox's Glee, will yell at her Cheerios
Is the presidential race depressing you? Yeah they do, how extreme they’ve gotten. It’s gotten so horrible that they’re talking