suez canal

Gags about the MS Ever Given being on the move again will float your boat.
The Ever Given had been stuck since last Tuesday, effectively shutting off one of the world's busiest trade routes.
It is unknown when the vessel will be set free.
“My greatest fear is that animals run out of food and water and they get stuck on the ships," said an Animals International representative.
The backlog of boats is clearly visible from space.
Many people wondered if the boat was jealous of the attention being given to the giant cargo ship wedged in Egypt’s Suez Canal.
“Hey is the Suez Canal really slow for anyone else right now?” Ken Jennings joked about the situation.
Suez Canal shutdown, volcano eruptions and a flood in Australia round out this week's best images.
A quarter-mile-long container ship called the Ever Given has been wedged in the canal since Tuesday.
Late night comedians joked about a shipping container getting stuck in the Suez Canal, blocking a critical trade route.