I have every good reason to count my blessings by having reminders from great teachers and saints and now one remarkable
I like to write about those times, because to write, I must sink into a dream that I make more real than the world I inhabit
People who live in a social environment where they can connect with others and bond with their work will not become addicted
Strength comes in all different forms, some people wear their strength like a badge of honour shouting to the world "YOU
When the tabloid institution, that became known as Brangelina hit the rocks, my daughter asked: if they couldn't make it, what chances do the rest of us have?
Time heals and it will help us overcome the pain.
Other scientists, according to an article by Eric Metaxas in the Wall Street Journal, believe that the evidence of God's
Something is disappearing in our world today, and I believe it is the disconnecting from our feminine heart. I believe the
This lesson may seem difficult at first, but with your persistent wish to understand it, you will one day wonder how you
Paris floods in June after downpours linked to climate change. Credits: The Telegraph/Yannis Vlamos. Humans are far from
Who's right about Mother Teresa's approach to suffering? Should we imitate it, condemn it, or something in between?
“The unknown is scary. I don’t know if my daughter will ever live a normal life, free from pain and misery. I want her to
6. Allow everyone else to feel in the moment. 5. Be ok with not controlling this. Catchy right? Let me tell you I googled
Consider that you are creating suffering because you are buying into some assumption. For example, if you are suffering over
• Making an appointment with a physician, therapist or teacher whose services we believe might serve us, • Addressing a soul's
The popular jargon is often a lie that contradicts scripture.
Don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry. Don't call ex-lovers when you've been drinking. Don't think when you're feeling.
hat re-training is called meditation. The initial goal of meditation is to quiet the mind, the intermediate goal is to stabilize moment-to-moment awareness, and the final goal is to gain stable access to the wisdom and truth of unity consciousness. There we find the pinnacle of human flourishing.