So far, not a single question has been posed about gerrymandering or other key voting rights issues.
Trump has jumped into a battle over whether states can draw districts based only on the population that is eligible to vote, a move that would benefit Republicans.
Thousands of Georgia residents are cut off from voting due to a vaguely worded law that state election officials interpret in the strictest possible manner.
Several candidates said voting rights should be restored to people released from prison. None said they support the right of felons to vote while incarcerated.
Democrats released a new formula for determining which jurisdictions need to have their voting changes cleared by the federal government.
Republican leaders are making allegations of Texas voter fraud that specifically target the Latino community.
Florida had one of the harshest policies when it came to stripping voting rights from people convicted of felonies. That changes Tuesday.
"It’s real basic constitutional rights 101,” said Rep. Gwen Moore, the legislation's sponsor.
Voter suppression is endangering a crucial civil right, and Jeff Sessions is letting it happen. But all is not lost.
Media icon Oprah Winfrey rallied in Marietta, Georgia, to campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.
If other states follow Ohio's lead, millions of college students may lose their voting rights when they next head to the polls.
A federal judge ruled in January that Scott has until April 26 to announce a new state plan for restoring voting rights to former felons.
The state would be just the third where felons in jail could cast a ballot.
When you think of gendered childhood stereotypes, you probably imagine boys wanting to be astronauts or soldiers or scientists
When we think of women in politics, their inclusion in places of power seems to be a recent occurrence, but women have been