A toxic political atmosphere and the prospect of armed poll monitors have some worried it might keep voters away.
Older voters helped propel Trump with winning the White House in 2016 — but it's proving harder to get their support in 2020.
Voting rights advocates were aghast after a federal court reversed a lower court's ruling that gave Floridians with felony convictions the right to vote regardless of outstanding fines and legal fees.
Anthony was arrested for voting in 1872 in violation of laws permitting only men to vote.
100 years later, nine American women on what the legacy of women’s enfranchisement has wrought — and what it hasn’t.
The ruling by a federal appeals court panel dealt a blow to efforts by Republicans in several states to enact restrictive voting laws.
So far, not a single question has been posed about gerrymandering or other key voting rights issues.
Trump has jumped into a battle over whether states can draw districts based only on the population that is eligible to vote, a move that would benefit Republicans.
Thousands of Georgia residents are cut off from voting due to a vaguely worded law that state election officials interpret in the strictest possible manner.
Several candidates said voting rights should be restored to people released from prison. None said they support the right of felons to vote while incarcerated.