Sugar Bowl

It once was the case that warm weather was required to host a bowl game, but the coming of indoor football facilities have
The furniture company owes over 1.5 million dollars in customer refunds over a ridiculous promotion they ran during the holidays.
Landon Collins, S, Junior, Alabama The 6-foot-2, 221-pound Yeldon is very talented, with tremendous natural tools. He injured
Each year more and more teams join the "select many" that are so honored because each year sees more and more bowl games blotting the landscape. It is nearly impossible for anyone to turn down an invitation to one of these events because the "prestige" (translate TV time) emanating from even the most obscure bowl, is too marvelous to reject.
She came in like a wrecking ball, indeed. Via CollegeHumor
Check out that flying punch in GIF form, via @SBNation. UPDATE: The Oklahoma fan spoke with Ryan Glasspiegel of Extra Mustard
"We recognize that the result we got tonight was not really what we wanted it to be, but there's certainly some lessons to
It doesn't look like Floyd Mayweather Jr. will need to change his "Money" nickname in 2014. The undefeated boxing champ who
"I don’t work for that four-letter network," Lundquist explained to his CBS broadcast partner Gary Danielson when asked if
Oklahoma wasn't done wreaking havoc at the Sugar Bowl after the confetti fell. Following their stunning 45-31 takedown of
Visiting a new mountain range and venturing outside of the ski area boundary can be a daunting, and potentially dangerous undertaking. The key to making it safe and fun is doing your homework.
There has been an exponential explosion in college football bowl games -- 35 in all will be played, leading up to Monday's BCS Championship at the Orange Bowl. But is more, less?
By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing Florida could have actually used Tim Tebow last night in the Sugar Bowl as they got smashed
Although Bridgewater was a little shaken up after the hit, nobody else threw a pass for the Cardinals. Bridgewater went right
• Too much physicality: We know about the Gators' dominant defense, both against the run and the pass. And as mentioned above
Since the world thankfully didn't end, college football fans are gearing up for their Super Bowl. In case you hadn't heard
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Jan. 3 Fiesta: Kansas State (Big 12) vs. Oregon (at-large) Jan. 2 Sugar: Florida (SEC) vs. Louisville (at-large) Jan. 7 BCS
Winter brings cool and comfortable temperatures to New Orleans so you can bask in the courtyard at the Gentry House Bed and