Sugar Bowl

It takes six wins for a team to qualify for a bowl game and the result this year is that there will be sixteen teams with
Ole Miss Victorious!
The furniture company owes over 1.5 million dollars in customer refunds over a ridiculous promotion they ran during the holidays.
Most remember Jones for his controversial statements about education. From a football standpoint, we really don't know what
Each year more and more teams join the "select many" that are so honored because each year sees more and more bowl games blotting the landscape. It is nearly impossible for anyone to turn down an invitation to one of these events because the "prestige" (translate TV time) emanating from even the most obscure bowl, is too marvelous to reject.
She came in like a wrecking ball, indeed. Via CollegeHumor
UPDATE: The Oklahoma fan spoke with Ryan Glasspiegel of Extra Mustard and told him his account of what happened. (H/T SBNation
Presumably, one of those lessons is "GIVE THE BALL TO DERRICK HENRY." WATCH: Henry's 61-Yard Touchdown Catch "It was a dream
It doesn't look like Floyd Mayweather Jr. will need to change his "Money" nickname in 2014. The undefeated boxing champ who
With one last gasp at the Sugar Bowl, Katherine Webb likely made her last appearance during a college football broadcast