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The study was conducted by giving mice levels of sucrose and fructose comparable to levels in western diets. The researchers found sugar’s impact on inflammatory pathways is the culprit.
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Have you ever wondered how much sugar is in your soda? The answer is: more than you think. Way more than you think. Just
Before the sugar industry can put us on their list of undesirables, we'll cheerfully admit that we are by no means nutrition
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Life in the Boomer Lane's definition of a perfect ménage-a-trois would be to have sex with Now Husband, while another man spoon feeds her coffee Haagen Dazs.
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If you've ever said, "I'm completely addicted to sugar," you may actually be correct. A recent study showed that those who had genetic changes in a hormone called ghrelin consumed more sugar (and alcohol) than those that had no gene variation.
Sugar -- especially in soft drinks -- should be placed in the same category as alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. I can hear the moans from Coca-Cola and Pepsi, but it is a fact that reducing the amount of sugar in sweetened drinks can make a huge difference.
When you’re feeling hungry at the end of the day, it’s easy to unwrap an energy bar. These bars have been formulated to provide
Shedding light on the dangerous aspects of sugar through research and education will help address the issue of sugar as a national health risk.
What are you doing in your home, your family, in your schools and communities to end the attack on our children and our nation's future? We have the power to take back our health.
A recent national poll found that 53 percent of Americans said they favored an increased tax on sodas and sugary soft drinks
The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, shows that the percentage of our diets that is comprised