sugar tax

What Berkeley and Mexico can teach the rest of us.
Here's the bitter truth about the hidden costs of sugar-sweetened beverages.
I can’t see a world where there is no demand for sugary drinks. But I can imagine a future where advertising has made a healthier
The study shows that a .04 cent tax per calorie on non-alcoholic beverages would cause Americans to consume 9.3 percent fewer
Sweet-tooths and the food industry may balk at the idea, but when you think about it, we already impose some hefty taxes
We're told death and taxes are unavoidable; is it ironic that by not having enough of the latter we get more of the former?
The sugar status quo is increasingly bitter, rather than sweet. But it's profitable for some folks, even if others have to pay, and thus change seems long in coming. I suspect that eventually, however, good sense will win out here.
If you want to see how future national policy wars will be fought, keep your eye on Coca-Cola and the American Beverage Association. Over the next few years sugar will become the new tobacco.
I wouldn't be surprised at all if local sugar-and-fructose taxes start appearing in city after city, as one politician after another races to jump on the bandwagon.