"In that way, I feel like this story is important."
Exciting news, candy lover! Your Kit Kat will now contain sucrose molecules from Latin America instead of Minnesota. That's right, an anti-GMO group has been hard at work, fighting for your right to eat a new peanut butter cup that is exactly like the old peanut butter cup.
As global demand for sweets increases, so does the rush for land to grow sugarcane. Companies that produce and supply sugar to Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and other food and beverage giants are kicking poor farmers off their land and violating their rights.
Given all of these benefits, why have Obama and the political establishment chosen to remain silent? The explanation has to do with retrograde and backward beliefs which have been hindering environmental progress for a generation.
Sugar is Guatemala's most important agricultural export, making Guatemala the fifth largest sugar exporter in the world. The
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Cross Post with LAProgressive All of this will take money that is in short supply in Haiti, despite the influx of non-governmental
The next time you eat a cookie off of your Mahogany table that was brought to you on diesel-fueled transportation, consider this: everything you touch, everything you buy and everything you eat comes at a price.
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