sugary drinks

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Encouraging people to consume fewer sugary drinks, smaller portions or to opt for healthier options such as water is part
Big Soda is playing games with your health. Again.
The beverage industry is vastly outspending those who support taxes on sugary drinks.
Baltimore's corners are often associated with the public health threat presented by illicit drug dealing and use but there is another, more unassuming, danger lurking inside corner stores and supermarkets: sugar-sweetened beverages.
There is a great debate taking place right now in America. Public health advocates are calling on soda makers to stop targeting our children and to stop targeting minorities. They are calling on celebrities to stop selling out to the industry and using their fame to peddle an unhealthy habit to their fans.
So is it just that liquid sugar lends itself to overconsumption, or does sugar in liquid form pose an especially tough burden on our body's metabolism?
If you have a sweet tooth, the real facts about sugar will shock you. Plain and simple, sugar is ruining our nation's health.
The sugar in a frappe can be equivalent to half a dozen donuts.
Daily soda consumption can lead to abdominal fat gain over time.