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Enlightened, and emboldened, action on health in cities, is key to rescuing people from living in urban deathtraps, where
Additionally, the County Board in Cook County, Illinois, is expected to vote in early November on a proposal for a 1-cent
Big Soda is playing games with your health. Again.
The beverage industry is vastly outspending those who support taxes on sugary drinks.
Baltimore's corners are often associated with the public health threat presented by illicit drug dealing and use but there is another, more unassuming, danger lurking inside corner stores and supermarkets: sugar-sweetened beverages.
There is a great debate taking place right now in America. Public health advocates are calling on soda makers to stop targeting our children and to stop targeting minorities. They are calling on celebrities to stop selling out to the industry and using their fame to peddle an unhealthy habit to their fans.
So is it just that liquid sugar lends itself to overconsumption, or does sugar in liquid form pose an especially tough burden on our body's metabolism?
If you have a sweet tooth, the real facts about sugar will shock you. Plain and simple, sugar is ruining our nation's health.
The sugar in a frappe can be equivalent to half a dozen donuts.
Daily soda consumption can lead to abdominal fat gain over time.
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It comes down to this: If we want to reduce the number of plastic bottles sold in parks, then let's ban the sale of all plastic bottles, those containing only water and those filled with liquid sugar.
A new study determined something we already know: drinking sugary drinks is bad.
To fully appreciate how misguided such sponsorship is, it is worth reviewing what real, solid scientific research shows about the relation between soft drink consumption and the epidemic of obesity and diabetes now affecting children in the United States.
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Given Coke's own standards, it is appropriate to ask: Are the company's actions that have prompted such sharp public criticism in line with its strong commitment to integrity? More specifically, are they consistent with Coke's imperative of "acting honestly"?
The good news is that when you start to eat less sugar your body will stop craving it. I suggest you don't try to change everything at once, just slowly add one good habit at a time and you'll notice that the bad habits go away.