Patrick Jory, The University of Queensland The first is China, following the death of Mao Zedong in 1976. The last decade
Nearly fifty years ago the United States supported the Indonesian coup that toppled the Sukarno government, the first President of Indonesia, who'd led the country's efforts to secure independence from the three hundred year colonial grip of the Netherlands.
The Broncos, widely used in the Vietnam war, were delivered to Indonesia in 1977-1978, when the slaughter of the Timorese civilian population was at its worst. Torture and mass executions were commonplace. Political prisoners were dropped live from helicopters; entire villages purposely starved to death and more. Most Americans are little aware of either of these events.
The Indonesian stock market has just hit a record high on the hope that the incoming President, Joko Widodo, will push through economic reforms. But, what path should he follow?
At age 53, the reformist Jakarta governor, Joko Widodo -- or 'Jokowi' -- is very likely to become Indonesia's next president.
As Myanmar prepares to hold general elections in 2015, with ceasefire talks between the army and ethnics scheduled for March and constitutional amendments moving through Parliament, this nation is slowly charting a new way forward.
There is also a potential running mate who would ideally complement Prabowo's discipline with a proven ability to achieve
So how is it that Indonesia today is into its second decade as the world's third-largest democracy and one of its fastest
Where Oppenheimer's genius truly shines is in the postmodern concept behind the film. As he notes, when you film someone
The Philippines, Indonesia, and Egypt have taught us that last minute mobilizations can achieve spectacular results. But they are no substitute for the long, difficult work of organizing grassroots movements.
Our democratic system is still hobbled by the deliberately unrepresentative structures bequeathed to us by federalism. So if you care about democracy, we have our work cut out for us.
Only time will tell whether "North" Sudan will accept a Republic of South Sudan -- and whether or not the two states will work in concert or begin an African Cold War with oil as the bargaining chip.
In Indonesia, people of all faiths have the right to worship, but in practice they struggle with their feelings about minority religions and might even protest the existence of a house of worship.
Indonesia may be perceived as a country gaining clout in the international arena but it is wracked by massive corruption and its security forces get away with torture in total impunity.
Dr. Benny Widyono with Prime Minister Hun Sen who after the clash in 1997 continued to consolidate his power until today
We should spend time focusing on Obama's plans for Indonesia, and the possibility that he may restore funding and training for one of the world's most notorious, human-rights-abusing military forces, the Indonesian Kopassus.
Monas remains significant for many reasons, but increasingly because of the lessons it provides about Indonesia, a country caught between tradition and modernization.