Suicidal ideation

Here's what parents and caregivers need to know.
Desmond Amofah, known as Etika online, had expressed suicidal thoughts before going missing several days ago.
The former first lady confided in a journalist writing her biography in the months before she died.
“We were so stunned — and so unaware.” The biggest study of its kind reveals how often parents miss the signs.
More than 47,000 Americans died by suicide last year, a 4 percent increase over 2016.
“They’re playing with one of the big existential issues for all of us, which is death,” says Dr. Stuart Beck of Mass General.
A young man’s recent death was followed by other suicides in a Baltimore neighborhood.
“Religious groups who stigmatize LGBT people should be aware of the potential damage they can do."
"I have experienced many things that I have not talked about and don't know if I ever will talk about."
If I can't listen and learn from others, I am trapped in a very small box of my own life experience. If I can't see another
What if you get suicidal thoughts without taking CHANTIX? The advertisements for the drug always warn about possible side
The Berenstain Bears volumes are mild jeremiads meant to protect our little ones from the potholes of early development and it's surprising there isn't The Berenstain Bears Stick Their Finger in a Wall Socket or The Berenstain Bears Stick Their Knife in the Toaster.
I watch my thoughts. I first become aware of them. And I ask, "How are my hopeless thoughts being triggered by my current
In the two weeks since 11-year-old Michael Morones attempted to take his own life by hanging, potentially leaving him severely brain damaged, his parents are trying to sort out what happened and where to go from here.
So in a few days, I need to figure out a way to bring my job out there into my world. That's my medicine, I think -- my town and the people in it. Just to be near them, to look at their faces and maybe smile and get a smile back.
Call it whatever you want: the Mommy wars, Mean Girls growing up, cat (or Tiger!) fighting: American culture seems to delight in watching mothers tear each other down.