suicide attempt

"Something is happening in adolescents that hasn't happened before," says an author of the study that looked at poisonings.
More than 47,000 Americans died by suicide last year, a 4 percent increase over 2016.
The Netflix reboot's culture guru says he's "living proof" that people should prioritize mental health.
“Religious groups who stigmatize LGBT people should be aware of the potential damage they can do."
I had known, when I entered psychiatry first as a nurse and later as a nurse practitioner, that I would treat suicidal and homicidal people.
"I have the power to rebuild, restructure, redefine, recreate my life."
It's more complex than we thought.
A Colorado man is alive and unscathed after intentionally crashing a plane into a mountain.
"Most of what you see in that video is me thinking on my own because I didn't want to go over the bridge with him, so I got
After Liz was taken to the hospital, Manuel was more motivated than ever to clean up. The house was given a total makeover
"If I get convicted of this, I'll be facing five years in prison," Joshua Bradley told KRDO. "Then I'll get kicked out of
A U.S. Coast Guard crew stationed about two miles south of the bridge used a 25-foot boat to reach the area within minutes
When somebody asked me how I was, I would answer by telling how he was, whatever exciting project he was working on, his health, his problems and his triumphs.
The bride might have worn white, but it was anything but a day to envy. Dressed in her wedding gown, a Chinese college student
Horrified witnesses said the man stood on the tracks in front of the oncoming Queens-bound R train about 8:45 p.m. yelling
This is no Olympic sport. Here in Vancouver from midjight to 2:45am this Saturday morning, a man high up on a construction crane was threatening to jump off. The crane is located right next to the Olympic cauldren and the main media center.