suicide bombs

Survivors of the suicide bomb attack in Manchester, UK, describe the scenes in the immediate aftermath of the explosion.
Peter Kosminsky's drama moves between Palestine in the 1940s and a present-day Israel where rich Jews lay by swimming pools and poor Arabs struggle to buy bread.
Drone attacks are terrorism too. Killing entire families, including women and children, in the "border" areas of the "AF-PAK" theater to hit one "militant" or "extremist," without charge or trial, repeated countless times.
The Week's Top Stories in Foreign Affairs: Pakistan: Yet Another Path to Failure Facts: Pakistan's government arrests hundreds
The real question is whether "proportionality" remains a useful category of analysis. By any accepted interpretation, the standard has been repeatedly violated by both Israel and Hamas.
Read more on McClatchy Iraqi authorities announced within hours of the blasts that the perpetrators were teenage girls with