suicide hotline

Mental health help is now at your fingertips. Text therapy is becoming a popular way to communicate with a therapist, and that comes with both benefits and disadvantages. Meanwhile, some celebrities are reducing mental health stigmas by using social media to open up publicly about their experiences.
Posting a crisis number after a high-profile suicide isn't a solution. It's a Band-Aid.
One number: 22. That's all it took to transform Ellen Goosenberg Kent from a filmmaker to a woman on a mission. "When I heard that 22 veterans are killing themselves every day, I thought: This is outrageous. That's almost one every hour. I had to do something," she said.
It would be prudent as well as a wonderful legacy to those who have lost their lives to suicide to turn our focus out of the darkness and into the light, from focusing on the details of death and disaster to our potential to provide support to those who are out there right now and need our help.
Altruistic or not, it is of great benefit to our friends, family and community to gain insight into what the person in crisis is thinking and feeling -- whether we understand them or not -- in order to intervene in a potential life-threatening situation.
National Suicide Prevention Week begins the Sunday of Labor Day weekend and extends through the following Saturday, Sept. 4 -10.