suicide prevention

Commissioner James O’Neill again urges officers to seek help for their struggles, saying, "you are not out there all by yourself.”
The popular young adult drama has been linked to a rise in suicide rates among teens.
Experts say mental health issues aren't widespread in the LGBTQ community because of identity or orientation ― it's because of discrimination.
Taraji P. Henson testified before the Congressional Black Caucus’ Emergency Taskforce on Black Youth Suicide and Mental Health to advocate for mental health programs in schools.
His routine ranged from commentary on Louis C.K. to ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande.
Her community suffered a spike in youth suicides. Now they’re fighting back, and teens are leading the charge.
The conversation around mental health and Native Americans needs to change, says expert Doreen Bird.
Posting a crisis number after a high-profile suicide isn't a solution. It's a Band-Aid.
There's help all over the world if you know where to find it.
The rate of people dying by suicide has increased in nearly every state since 1999. Some regions have been hit significantly harder than others.
Suicide isn't just someone else's problem, it's everyone's problem.
“People didn’t view me seriously because I was a 15-year-old girl.”
Michigan State Police said the strategic response has been quietly used many times.
Allowing trans young people to use their preferred name at work, school, home and with friends dramatically improved mental health.
"I have experienced many things that I have not talked about and don't know if I ever will talk about."
A shocking number of gun-owning parents don't store their weapons safely.
Hint: Posting a video of someone who died by suicide isn't it.
The stars will be celebrated at the Trevor Project's annual gala.