suicide prevention

Elon Musk called the report of the removal "fake news," even though one of his executives confirmed the suicide hotline link had been suspended.
"The moment my mom left, her boyfriend knew something was off. He called the police over and over begging for help, but there was nothing they could do."
Suicidal ideation deserves targeted, specific attention and care.
Read this mental health advice, which may help you navigate feelings of hopelessness, depression and more.
"Now, seven years after my sister’s death by suicide, a national helpline number has been designated for suicide support."
Kids' mental health is in crisis, experts say. Here’s how to talk to them about suicide.
Our words matter. How we talk about mental health affects whether people feel safe speaking up or getting help.
The new version of the existing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which connects callers to a network of crisis centers, will go into effect in 2022.
The culture may have shifted on gay rights, but sky-high suicide rates remain.
A new CDC report contains some discouraging stats about deaths by suicide. That doesn't mean all hope is lost.