suicide prevention month

By accessing and sharing the essential information that is readily available on suicide, we can all do our part to help people get the help they need when they need it. We can end the stigma and help save lives from senselessly being lost to suicide.
Death is terrifying.  In fact, the concept of death has led many a person to an all-out existential crisis.  Death is so
One art therapist explains how making art can save lives.
Our community remains so susceptible to depression and suicide because, although we've made great progress towards equality, we still remain vulnerable to discrimination, harassment and rejection because of who we are and who we love.
Welcome to Thrive on Live with @CaroMT. As part of our #StrongerTogether series, we discuss the issues surrounding National Suicide Prevention Month and what we can do as a community to address mental illness and help prevent suicide.
During the spring semester of 2002, while I was teaching my creative-writing class at Sheepshead Bay High School in Brooklyn, a student finally shared and read aloud a poem that he had just written. And after he read, our jaws dropped with amazement, our eyes widened with shock, our brows curled with concern, our hearts stopped with empathy, and our bodies froze with fear.
My youth was consumed by loneliness, feelings of not belonging, and thinking of ways to kill myself. I experienced many dark nights of the soul. And television saved me. Although I read a lot, I looked to TV for the noise to comfort me and make me feel less lonesome.
The Department of Defense has no more important responsibility than supporting and protecting those who defend our country, and that means we must do everything possible to prevent military suicide. When one of us faces a challenge, we all must stand together.
Was Ronald Reagan's proclamation 5500 of June 1986, the last proclamation concerning Suicide and Mental Health? This is what