suicide rate

The death rate for white Americans aged 45 to 54 has risen sharply since 1999, but Montana officials wrestle to explain why
Basic respect and human decency--just plain kindness--can go a long way in building self-esteem in our children and helping a young person in crisis make it to the next step.
In the 15 to 29-year age group, suicide is the second leading cause of death globally. Governments should also set up national
Middle-aged men tend to be more lonely than anyone else, but why? Dr. Melinda Moore, a clinical psychologist, talks to HuffPost Live about what the causes may be.
Let us use this opportunity to save lives by doing something about the most common way in which guns cause death in America. Reducing access to lethal means can be the difference between a loved one's darkest hour and their final hour.
According to Reeves' analysis, around 1500 more people a year in the United States have committed suicide since 2007 compared
The study didn’t specifically factor in economic conditions, but many have speculated that the downturn may be responsible
Taking an "all hands on deck" approach to suicide prevention can truly save lives. Knowing the warning signs for suicide and the helper tasks that can prevent a suicide equips us with powerful tools for assisting those at risk.
For years I've been a "Bring Our Troops Home" banner waving leftist, attending anti-war marches and rallies more often than I ate ice cream. Now that our troops are actually coming home from Iraq, many are killing themselves. Why?
Loneliness, fear, isolation, intermittent depression and inexplicable rage are frequently referenced as main contributors to young, risky behavior. But what about underestimation of adolescent ability?