suicide squad

Disney fired Gunn from "Guardians of the Galaxy" earlier this year over tweets surfaced by the far right.
"SUICIDE SQUAD has more Oscars than VERTIGO and as many as CITIZEN KANE."
To its credit, Suicide Squad XXX massages comics canon into a more satisfying story than the film on which it’s based.
Much like 2016, Suicide Squad started out with so much promise. Great cast, interesting characters including a cadre of weird antiheroes, exciting plot, with a whole lot of potential.
This is your reminder that Halloween isn't a free ticket to act like an insensitive asshole.
The horror flick will hit almost $55 million in it's first 11 days.
With the awesome soundtrack, unbelievable acting, intriguing storyline and perfect cast members, this film is one I definitely
"I hope some movie executives are watching this and taking notes.”
It seems to suggest a darker relationship between him and Harley Quinn.