The viral image featured 7-month-old Vena, a victim of the illegal -- and flourishing -- orangutan pet trade.
“He’s one of the lucky survivors of conflict palm oil expansion but his fate is not the norm.”
Land Clearing and Its Victims The team took Leuser back to the quarantine center. Veterinarians could only safely remove
That prohibition, however, was ignored, and logging of primary forest and the conversion of peat swamps persisted. Between
Monkeys are the most widely scattered primates around the world after humans, and they never cease to delight with their antics - as opposed to humans.
Once Orangutans roamed over much of Asia. Now you'll only find these fantastic red-haired creatures in Sumatra and Borneo.
The 8-year-old animal's move is part of a last-ditch effort to save the critically-endangered species.
We live in a world where most people act after its too late. We look at the mental health of a teenager compelled to shoot kindergarteners after the tragedy. We vow to help a country struggling with disease after millions have died and the disease spreads closer to home.
Cultivating the product, found in most processed foods and cosmetics, kills animals and displaces people.
Upon reading the much anticipated Papal Encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si', I found myself immediately looking for ways to get it into the hands of the CEOs I know. As I see it, the Pope's messages for business leaders are as follows.