summer activities

4. Create a family-wide fitness challenge. Set a physical activity goal for each member of your family. Whether you’re doing
Here is a list of cheap activities that you can do this summer. You may think that you have done everything possible in your home city but you should have some fresh ideas after this!
Don't let your boring home workouts keep you from being active. Exercise is an important part of our lives, and it even helps
The summer reading list has provided students with a link to school during the dog days of vacation for decades. While it's important for students to read real literature during the summer -- wasn't Moby Dick on the list every year? -- the idea of a traditional book list today seems outdated and incomplete.
I also firmly believe that over-planning causes stress -- for both parents and kids. There is value in having unstructured
Dig deeper and you'll find extreme adventures ranging from caving to whitewater rafting. All of these activities will get your heart rate up.