summer books

Books: Now in a paper format for easy transport to the beach, the lake, or the air conditioning.
A magical butcher, a league of ragamuffin football fans, and a Viennese time-hopper star in these wild new reads.
Soak up these family dramas, advice column collections and near-future hijinks.
Local Girls by Caroline Zancan You’re at your favorite beach-town bar, and your celebrity crush walks in. What next? Zancan
Now that nearly everyone in the world has finished The Goldfinch, we need some other book recommendations to get us through
But what's that you say? The toddlers have eaten all their board books? The elementary schoolers have read everything on
The Rocks by Peter Nichols -- May 26 Not all beach reads bring to mind the serene atmosphere of a languid resort town -- some
Every year, students embark on summer vacation with reading lists. Usually consisting of classics and a few token young adult titles, the lists are designed to stave off summer reading loss, a backsliding of literacy skills that affects many students during the summer months.