summer camp

I know summer camp would have been dreadful for me as a kid but as an adult, I can’t wait to go back.
The ICE official is known for his hardline approach to immigration enforcement and often questionable comments about undocumented immigrants.
Kids are learning combat and sniper skills at this 'military Disneyland' summer camp
For one week, A-Camp creates a magical place to witness and support our community.
I'm a college student who is going back to camp.
To mark the start of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, HuffPost Rise went to the Sunrise Day Camp that puts on activities and games for kids with cancer completely free of charge throughout the summer.
I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
When adults arrive at Camp Grounded, the first thing they do is turn in their phones. During the four-day retreat, campers assume pseudonyms, do not mention work or the word "J-O-B," and interact with one another like kids. It's a way of stepping off the grid and reconnecting, face to face.
Before you start with me--I get it. I defy you to find anyone who loved summer camp more than me. Cheering, color war, waterskiing
Two summers ago, at the age of 59, I began working at my old camp in the northern woods of Wisconsin, the same camp where I spent 10 summers of my youth. Four decades later, I returned to resurrect the camp magazine that died in the early 1980s.
Each week at The Pollination Project, we shine a spotlight on seven recent recipients of seed grants, allowing their visions
By Jim Rein Q: Help! My child is miserable at sleepaway camp and wants to come home. What should I do? A: Before you decide
The multi-day escape -- starting from $625 per person -- was an opportunity to reconnect and deepen relationships on all
What I was not prepared for was feeling like a failure. It didn't happen right away. It was a slow burn. A notion that slowly crept in as my family expanded and my kids got older.
There is still work to be done to ensure military kids have the tools they need to thrive. They represent the future of any family, and their success and empowerment matters as much as the success and empowerment of their military parents. That's why any sign of improvement in how families cope with the deployment of a loved one is significant - and worth replicating.